Monday, July 25, 2005

Follow up: Cough and dense infiltrates

Routine labs were obtained following my visit (no previous labs.)

Chem 10: normal except AST 91, ALT 145, Alk phos 338
ESR: 80
CRP: 13.7
U/A (-)
ANA (-)
ANCA (-)
CBC: wbc 11.6 H/H 10.9/32 plt 514 diff: 35.5% Eos for AEC 4100

Now what do you think?
What do you think about the elevated transaminases?

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Mendez said...

CEP comes to mind - but the CT was not characterisitc for CEP (peripheral consolidation). Nevertheless, IgE, BAL diff might help confirm. Ultimately, good, rapid response to steroids would help confirm this Dx.

Jennings said...

I agree is sounds like some type of eosinophilic lung disease. With the liver involvement, I would have thought drug reaction, but her only med is levofloxacin. But the original w/u stands (bronch etc...see prev comments)