Saturday, April 05, 2008

post thoracotomy pain

One more post today. How do you best deal with post-thoracotomy pain. I admit I see it fairly often as well.

Patient writes in a recent comment

I have acute persistent pain in my right breast and along the six inch incision at the base of my breast. I have tried gabapentin, Lyrica, and Topimate. I am on my third round of corticosteroid injections into the intercostals. I am reluctant to use narcotics, but if the steroids do not work, I am at a loss. I cannot move my right arm without pain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

ABPA without steroids

A reader writes:

I am 48 years old female, and lived with asthma for the last 25 years. I am not under great control. I have had blood work done recently, and found out I have severe allergies. I have an IgE of 1700, my aspergillus allergen is 2.05 ku/l. I recently had a chest ct which showed nonspecific infiltrates with ground glass appearance. A sinus ct showed acute maxillary sinusitis. my physician says she is not sure of a diagnosis of ABPA, and is hesitant to treat me with steroids. In the past year I have been diagnosed with avascular necrosis of both hips, and my right knee as well as severe cataracts in both eyes. I was told probably from the use of steroids to treat my asthma. My concern is I never feel great, and why is this so hard to diagnose, and if I have ABPA what will ahappen if it goes untreated.

What types of steroid-sparing therapies do you use for ABPA (or asthma)?