Monday, January 15, 2007

multiple pulmonary nodules in system lupus

Case from slkanowitz:

57 y.o. white female with SLE for 20+yrs presents with multiple small non calcified nodules on chest CT. CT was done for evaluation of asthma. Pt. symptomatic only with her usual migratory pleuritic pain associated with her lupus, and mild, intermittent asthmatic symptoms present since young adulthood. Asthma is treated prn with albuterol inhaler. Largest nodule is 6mm, most are peripheral and they are bilateral. Follow up chest CT scan 4 mos. later shows resolution of some of the nodules, the remaining ones show no growth. PFT are normal, O2 sat. normal. There has been no change in symptoms and no change in treatment for her lupus during that time. Other pertinent medical problems include allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, S/P antral windows, and chronic bronchitis. Negative for pneumonia, SLE pneumonitis, RA, ANCA, anti-phospholipid AB. Recent echo WNL. No hx malignancy.
Hx significant for living in Ohio River Valley prior to 1973 and Southern Calif. during 1990, but no history unusual respiratory infections.

1998 chest xray normal. No xrays done until CT scan of chest and sinuses in 09/06.

SLE confirmed without evidence of other connective tissue disease. Pt. on Placquenil 200mg BID and Methotrexate 22.5 mg/week.

She did not pose a question but I assume it is what to do about the multiple nodules.
Since the nodules decreased in size over 4 months, this is likely inflammatory and a repeat CT in 6 months for that last nodule would be what I would do. I'm not sure what her smoking history is, but pretest prob for malignancy is low here. Any one else wish to comment?

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Arenberg said...

Agree Jeff. I did not catch anything about smoking history, but either way a 6 month follow up, then a 12 month follow up would be appropriate to follow this remaining nodule to "completion"

Baleeiro said...

The decrease in size for some of the nodules is reassuring. I would also just follow with a repeat CT scan.

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