Monday, February 12, 2007

Chest tube care

We are re-vamping our group's chest tube standard orders and I was wondering how people like their chest tubes handled.
What do you use for sedation/pre-medication for a non-emergent chest tube placement?
How often do you like the dressing changed?
What do you tell the nursing staff to do in case of CTs accidentally coming out?
I thought about calling this post "Zen and the art of chest tube maintenance" but I didn't know if the joke would go well...

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Anonymous said...

Morphine and versed. Most hospitals have a conscious sedation protocol for how much you can give in a non-ICU. You do need monitoring of vitals during the chest tube placement.
FYI there is a trend towards less "invasive" tubes like cook catheters.
Daily dressing changes or every other day. More frequent if the dressing is stained.

Baleeiro said...

Are you concerned with routine daily dressing changes increasing exposure or contamination IF the dressing is not soaked?

Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought of that but, yes that would be a consideration.

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Anonymous said...

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