Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Where is Waldo (or the line)?

As ICU co-directors we get to see some unusual situations. This line was reportedly a "little traumatic" going in and there is no good blood return from any of the ports. I enlarged the segment of interest and crudely followed the trajectory. Where is the line going?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like subclavian vein to innominate, then doubling back to the left IJ. Perhaps clot or stenosis preventing the line from crossing the midline?

No ports drawing back-- could be kinked, but it might also be in the pleural space without an obvious pneumo (yet).

Anonymous said...

Any answer to this mystery line?

ranga said...

It could be anywhere-but definetely needs careful removal by an interventional vascular radiologist under image guidance for removal in case it is in a artery ( I have seen that happen).