Tuesday, September 18, 2007


What causes Pneumosiderosis? Try doing a search on that you won't find anything.
It is a 64 year old patient presenting with some weight loss and a bit of a dry cough. CT showed bilateral reticulonodular opacities and no lymphadenopathy. We sent him for a bronch to assess for things like MAC. The TBBx came back as Pneumosiderosis (iron in the lung). The micro was negative. He was a welder as an occupation. The metal was steel.

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darenberg said...

It just sounds to me like he has "iron lung" heh heh. No pun intendewd. He probably inhales iron particles in his occupational exposure. Not sure if you can blame his symptoms on this or not.

There are a couple good references out there to look at. Morgan & Seatons "Occupational Lung Diseases" Has a great passage in their chapter basically summing up all the literature on "Welder's Sideerosis". Bottom line is it is not associated with significantl loss of lung function, even when it is associated with radiographic abnormalities.

Check out Annals of Internal Medicine 1963, Volume 58, page 293,. W.K. Morgan as the first author.