Monday, October 15, 2007


Redneck Crit Care (nice name) submitted this question:

One of our CT surgeons has been using Precedex for postop sedation for vent patients with good success.

according to information in that article, it appears to be a very attractive option. It is a short-acting alfa2 agonist and you do not have to discontinue this before, during or after extubation because it does not cause respiratory depression. Are many intensivists already using this in medical ICU?

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AK said...

Used this a few times to help extubate patients with etoh withdrawal/DTs. As far as I know, Precedex does *not* treat DTs, but helps reduce sedation. Still need to have benzos on board.

Anonymous said...

Precedex does treat delirium, and is an anxiolytic. We use it all the time in our ICU for alchohol withdrawal, and our LOS has decreased dramatically in most instances