Thursday, August 31, 2006

Benign uterine fibroids and pleural effusion

This is an outside submission for a question correlating a pleural effusion and Gyn disease:
Patient with a right pleural effusion, more than 1500 ml tapped. 2nd tap: more than 1700 ml tapped 6 days later. Contrast CT revealed pelvic fibroids.
Effusion results protein, probably assoc. w/ RBC.5 to 11 months prior, sonograms, contrast MRI revealed uterine fibroids 8 to 10 mm in size, stable in size over 6 months. Uterine scrape (not complete D and C) test benign. No indications of ovarian cysts, etc. Hysterectomy not chosen due to stable fibroid size and results of uterine scrape.Heavy coughing for 9 mos. Chronic post-nasal drip for 23 mos.
Allergy tests reveal slight allergy to a few local plants.
Chest xray showed: Pleural effusion right side.
Latest contrast CT pelvic fibroid.Previous ultrasound and contract MRI showed uterine fibroids stable after approx 6 mos.
Effusion samples from 2 taps have no cytology assoc. w/cancer, no pancreatitis, tb/fungus results not yet available. Unremarkable except for protein.
2D echo unremarkable.
Any suggestions on this reaccumulating effusion?

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