Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pulmonologist with high IgE

At ATS there was a stand on a rapid IgE testing system on capillary blood and some of us had it done just to check out the system.
One of us (with Hx of rhinitis but noasthma) had the results come back at an IgE level of 900 (their upper limit was 136).
Would you investigate it any further (CBC with diff, etc.) ?

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Arenberg said...

I would take it to mean that this person is atopic, and not look any further than that if there were no other symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if it were 20,000. Didn't mention if s/he had atopic dermatitis - these folks it is not unusual to be in the thousands. That's a common problem for qualifying my patients for Xolair (allergist).