Friday, November 30, 2007

Lymphocytic effusion

Since another question from a doc is related to TB, I'll post that here as well:

55 y old gentleman presented with few weeks history of progressive dyspne and right sided pleuritic chest pain, with history of contact with a case of pulmonary TB, no symptoms of toxemia, clinically the patient got signs of right sided pleural effusion which was aspirated and shown to be lymphocytic exudate,because the patient also presented with hoaseness of voice CT chest was done showed no lung masses or lymphadenopathy, BAL showed no malignant cells, PPD test was highly positive, laryngeal examination showed cordal polyp. culturing the fluid and sputum for TB was negativethe patient was started on antituberculous ttt , 1st 2 months quadrible therpy and then dual therapy and the patient still have re accumulating effusion? any suggestions?

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zolt said...

What about other biochemical markers of the pleural fluid? pleural fluid ADA, proteins, sugar, mantoux test?

srinivas said...

how about pleural biopsy.