Monday, November 12, 2007

need for lymph node biopsy?

Question submitted by anonymous:

24 year old Asian female presented with chronic productive cough of green/yellow sputum for the last year. Travelled to Malaysia and Pakistan in the last year. Some mild episodes of haemoptysis. CXR when the patient initially presented was NAD. Bloods all normal, barring a bilirubin of 16.

A CT a year after initial presentation showed right upper lobe collapse with a 2cm mass. Left upper lobe bronchiectasis. Also widespread mediastinal adenopathy.

Sputum cultures negative. Bronchoscopy showed a sputum plug sent for MC+S - negative. Nil else on bronchoscopy.

Why is there mediastinal adenopathy? Should a biopsy be performed in order to aid diagnosis?

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darenberg said...

If the cultures are negative, then I'd want those lymph nodes biopsied if they were in my chest. I'd do a Wang/transbronchial needle aspirate, and if negative I'd get a medistinoscopy.

Sal said...

What are your qualifications darenberg?

zolt said...

CT guided FNAC would be a reasonable first option either.

Anonymous said...

mediastinoscopy is fast/ relatively safe, and allows for a larger / intact sample. If intraoperative pathology report warrents - surgeon can procede with VATs and remove the mass. That would save the patient considerable anxiety, and speed the process as well. Being able to visually identify the mass by VATs if necessary is also helpful.