Thursday, February 02, 2006

Follow-up to abnormal CT scan

I recently posted this CT with B/L adenopathy and got good comments/suggestions. Keena and JCH pointed out the same concern I had for TB or atypical infections in someone on Enbrel.
I chose to do a bronch to rule out those possibilities. TBBx showed some mucosal chronic inflammation. Cyto and BAL revealed a predominance of CD4s over CD8s and no infection. I have been comfortable calling this sarcoid and following him along. He does have some airway hyperreactivity and his atypical CP has resolved on an ICS.
Would you do anything else on his eval?

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Jeff H said...

I'd keep following the nodes and treat for asthma.

Jennings said...

So you didn't get the granuloma on TBBx? How many bites did you take?

Baleeiro said...

Six, not seven, not five.

Jennings said...


Arenberg said...