Friday, December 15, 2006


Have you had a lot of experience with Requip (ropinirole) for restless leg syndrome?
If not, what is your preferred therapy fro RLS?

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Jeff H said...

No preferred drug--I send the patient to someone who treats sleep.

Anonymous said...

I use either Requip or Mirapex. There is RCT data for either, so I'll often start whatever I have samples of. Both have pretty benign side effect profiles. Main thing is to start low, titrate up to effect.

Anonymous said...

Hello Baleeiro,

I want to share some helpful tips of RLS and I will be waiting for your replies with some more tips thank you

Restless leg syndrome often can be at least partly prevented by developing healthy sleep habits.

Massage the calf and legs regularly. Stretch your legs at the beginning and end of each day. Maintain a regular sleep schedule since fatigue may worsen symptoms. Exercise. Some people with restless leg syndrome find that running in place for a short period of time alleviates the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.

Some more tips from Elsie

Author: ElsieD

Wrapping ace bandages around my legs just above & below my knees helps to alleviate their inner urge to move.

One woman said she massaged her legs with some kind of cream (wish I could remember what it was) then slipped stretchy leg/ankle? Wraps over them, & this gave her a fairly good nights sleep.

I am also adding this great resource here..101 ways to get good night sleep

1.The bedroom should not be too hot or too cold. High temperatures can lead to disturbances in the quality of sleep. The optimum temperature is 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the room is too cold, use humidifier or warm blankets.

2.Don’t discuss about the bills or problems or watch television in the bedroom.

3.Drinking warm milk before going to bed helps in soothing the nervous system. As milk contains calcium, it works on the nervous system and makes the body relax.

4.Sleep on back as it allows all the internal organs to rest properly and it is the best position for relaxing.

Rests of 101 ways are……...