Friday, April 20, 2007

low DLCO in runner

Submission from Hal :

15 y/o WF distance runner on track team c/o SOB. No improvement in the past year as perceived inability to breathe. She is is 5 7 tall, 115 pounds. All State, All American runner in 1600M and 800M.

PFTs showed DLCO 71% pred (18.9 with ref 26.6), DL Adj 80% (18.9 with 23.5 ref).
VA 5.09 L

FVC 106%, FEV1 100%, FEF25-75 96%.

Chest xray showed...ordered but not done yet.

Normal CBC

Any thoughts on etiology and suggestions for further work-up?

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AK said...

If the CXR is normal, I'd think about a myopathy or early pulmonary vascular disease. Check a CK and aldolase, cardiopulmonary exercise testing and a TTE to start with.

What happened to this blog? It used to be so full of vim and vigor. Nobody seems to reply anymore.

Anonymous said...

Echo...echo...[cue tumbleweed].

Jennings said...

It's just two of us (jennings and Baleeiro) trying to keep the blog up. With minimal comments from any visitors, and a jump-ship from the rest of the original posters, coupled with the time to post a case, the motivation to post a daily case has diminished somewhat. Hopefully this is temporary. We are also hopeful that we will eventually find others who are willing to post cases, but there are only very few who click the submit a case link. We'll keep you posted. I'll try to leave another case before I go off to ATS.

Anonymous said...

What happened with this gal?

jennings said...

We will have to await Hal's return...