Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Patients with treated lung cancer

We see a large number of cases of lung cancer since TN has a rate of TOB use greater than the national average. The American Society of Clinical Oncology does not recommed serial imaging studies for f/up of patients with lung cancer treated with curative intent (lower stages) and there is not very good data on that. How do you usually follow them up?

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Arenberg said...

Carlos, there is precious little data on this, and what little exists is of poor quality. This year the ACCP Thoracic Oncology Network will be re-issuing consensus evidence based recommendations on lung cancer (probably published late 2006 or early 2007) and this will be addressed in part.

In Japan, they carry out a rigorous schedule of follow up including regular CT scans and even yearly flourescence bronchoscopy I believe.

We currently emply only CXR every three months for a year, q 6 months for anothe year, then yearly thereafter. The bulk of recurrences (70%) are within 2 years. Our later stage patients get a yearly CT scan.