Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Abnormal CT scan - part II

This is the 83 y/o man with the abnormal peripheral lesion. The first post generated an interesting discussion on how old is too old to receive treatment. Since then he has had a PET-CT and a bronch. The lesion looks stable (though only 2 weeks had elapsed) on the CT portion of the PET and there was no abnormal uptake. Hi bronch revealed more airway inflammation on the left bronchial tree than I expected, some Hemophilus but no malignant cells. How would follow him and what would you do next?

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Jennings said...

Suprising that it was without uptake given the way it looked on that 1st CT. Given these results, a f/u CT in 3 months to assess for change would be reasonable.

Jeff H said...

I agree--there is some relative reassurance that even though malignancy is not ruled out, it is not a "highly metabolic lesion" and more likely to be slow-growing if malignant. I think short term follow-up is warrented.

And, I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Mike L said...

3 months is a consensus.