Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Follow up to myopathy and low DLCO

Our reader with a myopathy and +ANA has sent us the following follow up on her case (also in the comment section):
'Just an update. I saw the new pulmo. doc and was very impressed. My pft's yesterday revealed a restrictive process that he felt was compatible with the neuromuscular disease. My dlco remains low. He's not sure why as he said that it doesn't necessarily fit in with the myopathy. He also was concerned with the high ANA and repeated that yesterday along with some other labs. He reviewed the ct chest and he noticed the enlarged lt atrium on the ct.When I go back to see him,he is going to repeat some more specific neuromuscular pft's.I told him what my cardiologist has said about not treating until the ef was < 30%. He did not feel comfortable with that as he felt that was too low to wait for treatment.Thank you for this great site.

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Linda said...

One other comment-He said the air hunger I have is typical of neuromuscular diseases . It is just very frightening when this happens. DO any of you ahev any suggestions on how to deal with this?