Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lung Ca and estrogen

I had posted below on this complex case of possible HR+ lung Ca and then realized the post was too long and might prevent people from reading all the way to the end so I reposted just the questions:
Lung Ca (particularly adenos) can be receptor positice (I have seen a few references of over 25% positivity). Have you encountered a lot of these ER/PR+ lung Cas and does it have an impact on Tx?
Have you seen many endobronchial mets without parenchymal mets from other sites such as breast?

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Arenberg said...

Lung cancer can be ER positive, but it is usually faintly positive, and of no clinical consequence. Breast cancers can and do metastasize to the airway, ands can colon (more commonly) and renal cell as well as melanoma.

The best way to distinguish breast from lung is TTF-1, which is positive in %80% of lung adenos, and almost never seen in breast.