Thursday, May 18, 2006


Fondaparinux was better than Enoxaparin for DVT prevention after knee surgery in a NEJM study. For medical patients, though, have you been using much fondaparinux for DVT prophylaxis or is a LMWH still your default?

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Jeff H said...

I've never used it. Just took a quick look, and I don't think we have it on formulary at my institution.

Jennings said...

Well, in that study major bleeding was more frequent (but not resulting in death or reoperation) in the fondaparinux group, and the difference was significant.
But if I'm reading this correctly, fondaparinux cost $105 per day qd dosing, 7.5 mg) while enoxaparin is $398 per day (30 mg q 12)! So maybe we shoulkd be using fondaparinux.