Monday, June 19, 2006

Radiology monday

This 72 year old man is asymptomatic and had a routine chest xray as part of a yearly exam from his primary care physician.

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Jeff H said...

My guess is asbestosis. Looks like a reticulonodular pattern, and there seems to be some increased densitiy (calcification) of the diaphragmatic pleura, the posterior aspect of the pleura, and possibly the pericardium.

james gaulte said...

I believe he has calcified and non-calcified pleural plaques.I would get a c-t to further evaluate the parenchyma as on the PA there does seem to be increased markings which may well be parenchymal fibrosis which in the company of calcified plaques usually mean asbestosis.

Jennings said...

The screen resolution makes it difficult to appreciate, but it turns out that there are no parenchymal abnormalities. You are both correct regarding the pleural plaques. The patient wrapped pipes with Asbestos 30 years ago.