Monday, June 05, 2006

Timing of surgeries

This is a 65 y/o man transferred to our hospital for CP. He was found to have an acute coronary syndrome and a lung mass. He underwent a cardiac cath ahich revealed diffuse disease: 20% LM, an occlude LAD with R-L and L-L shunt with a large patent ramus and RCA disease. In addition to his acute care he needs a CABG. He had a stent placed in his RCA, received Plavix and ASA for a month and we stopped it so we could work up his mass.
A bronch confirmed that this is a NSCLCa (squamous cell). His PET scan only lit up on the mass and nowhere else. His PFTs are not great but could tolerate a lobectomy.
How would time the cardiac work up and the planning of surgery for his lung Ca?

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Jennings said...

Could both be done at same time?

Baleeiro said...

I guess that is my question... have you had much experience with both being done at the same time?

Jeff H said...

It's uncommon here, because(I think) the two surgeries require different incisional approaches. All I've seen is fix the heart, wait 6 weeks or so, then take out the mass.