Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sarcoidosis and fatigue.

At ATS there was a lecture series on sarcoidosis. Does anyone know what the discussion was regarding sarcoidosis and fatigue? I seem to remember that it was a treatable manifestation of the disease, once other causes are ruled out. Can anyone elaborate?

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Baleeiro said...

This was a very nice presentation on fatigue and sarcoid when the symptoms do not directly correlate with the PFTs. One of the good references to look up is an editorial from Sharma at Eur Respir J. 1999 Apr;13(4):713-4.
The focus of the talk was on small-fiber neuropathy. It seems to be fairly common in sarcoid and correlates directly with the vague symptoms of fatigue seen in sarcoid.

Baleeiro said...

The talk you are referring to was by Marjolein Drent and two good references on this entity are by Hoitsma, Drent and others at Sarcoidosis Vasc Diffuse Lung Dis. 2005 Mar;22(1):43-50 and J Neurol Sci. 2004 Dec 15;227(1):119-30.