Tuesday, September 26, 2006


A patient intubated and sedated for hypoxia (history of aspiration although CXR negative) had initial swan numbers of: CO 5 L, CI 3.24 PAP 26/16. PCW 8 with cvp of 4. SVR 1362. PVR is 190. AFter fluid boluses with no change in CO, PCW still 8 with a CVP of 6. His SBP has been 116/78 basically unchanged throughout. After fluid blouses he is now about 10 L up with really no change in the above swan readings or bloodpressure. How would you interpret this? Of note a surface echo showed an EF of 25-35%.

Here's his cxr.

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Anonymous said...

you gave 10 liters to a patient with an ef of 25%/ ??
you are bolder than I am.

Jennings said...

There is a swan in the patient with a PCW of 8 and a CO of 5.