Thursday, March 30, 2006

Air travel

Dear pulmonologists:

When is it safe to commercial air travel after traumatic hemopneumothorax?


Jon Mikel Iñarritu, M.D.

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Baleeiro said...

I have had the same question come up recently on a young woman post PTx who will be going on her honeymoon soon.
The Aerospace Medicine Association has suggested that patients should be able to fly 2 to 3 weeks after radiographic resolution of their pneumothorax.
I have found one neat study on Am Surg. 1999 Dec;65(12):1160-4 by Cheatham & Safcsak and they found it to be safe 14 days after radiographic resolution of the PTx.

Mike L said...

Dr. Inarritu, in your case, did you determine the underlying etiology of the pneumothorax?

I think I would be hesitant to clear an individual who has bad COPD with severe bullous disease to travel on an airplane.

CEOB- did you get a HRCT to r/o bullous disease before clearing this individual to fly?

Baleeiro said...

Mike raises a good point. The cases I was alluding to were of spontaneous, relatively uncomplicated pneumothoraces. I did a HRCT on my patient and she had no blebs.