Tuesday, April 11, 2006

collapsed RML

Check out Jeff's post below.

I hate to answer a question with another question, Jeff but I have had this similar case. This is a 65 y/o woman, no significant TOB Hx with recurrent partial LLL collapse. She has had LLL CAP 3 times (see above) and though the pneumonias clinically all resolve (they have been over ~ 5years) she always has a residual partial LLL collapse. She was bronch'ed in 2001, 2002 and I have re-bronch'ed her in 2005. Her airway though a little narow with some dynamic collapse looks normal and biopsies and Cxs were also all negative.
Other than encouraging pulmonary clearance, chest P&PD, etc. would you do anything else?

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Jennings said...

My answer to your question depends on your answer to my question.