Saturday, April 15, 2006

Follow-up to What is your algorithm?

This is the 64 y/o man with significant TOB Hx and a lung mass.
I had the same thoughts as Jeff H.
His FEV1 incresed to >2L (>60%) on Spiriva. A bronch revealed no endobronchial lesions but was otherwise non-diagnostic. The PET lit up up (brightly, see above) only on the mass and nowhere else.
What would you do next?

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Anonymous said...

i think I'll go for excision Biopsy (i.e treat it as SPN.

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence for spread based on PET. His lung function is good. I would favor resection as well.

Baleeiro said...

My thoughts exactly. I have sent him to see our CT surgeons and I will post the f/up once available.