Monday, April 24, 2006

Pulmonary nodule

This 44 y/o man is one of our former nurses. He had gone to Florida on vacation and came back with an infectious diarrhea. The ER did a CT scan of the abdomen and they found a pulmonary nodule on the lower lung cuts (see below).
He has no respiratory symptoms whatsoever. He quit smoking in 1988 and had about a 10 pack-year total.
What do you think of the nodule (it is 11x12 mm) and what would you do next?

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janus said...

I thing PET is usefull

Anonymous said...

How about CT guided biopsy?
Florida increases risk of the rare Dirofilaria

Anonymous said...

aint dirofilaria a dog related disease? this looks like a granuloma to me