Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Smoking cessation and Varenicline

This week's JAMA (296:47-55) by Gonzales et al. has a study on smoking cessation with the new Acetylcholine receptor agonist Varenicline. It was a phase 3 randomized DB comparing 52 week abstinence between Varenicline, bupropion or placebo. Fairly compelling results with few side effects in a minority (nausea and insomnia). I wonder how expensive this stuff will be...

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Baleeiro said...

The party line from Pfizer is that it will cost the same as a month supply of cig's if you smoke a pack a day (rough national average, of course TOB is much more expensive in NY or CA and very cheap in the Carolinas, KY and TN).

Derek said...

I had many years of smoking and use a patch to avoid the bad habit and it worked, however my wife any of the methods they have used has been effective...We do not know, what to do ...?

Derek Sheridan
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