Tuesday, July 12, 2005


What do you do with a sarcoid patient (lets say stage 1) where a routine EKG shows LBBB. She is asymptomatic.

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Mike L said...

They need to visit a cardiologist. Although rare, sudden cardiac death can be the first presenting symptom of sarcoidosis (depending on which article you read, this is what Reggie White died).
JPL III always used to "encourage" me to send people to cards with ANY conduction abnormality on EKG.
If the EP cardiologist so wishes, they could study the conduction system in the lab.

Baleeiro said...

I'd send them to cardiology too. Do you have any old EKGs on the patient?

Jennings said...

She has LBBB seen on an ekg from 2002, but maybe *that* represents sarcoid too, I sent the patient for a cardiac MRI and she will follow up with cards.