Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Follow-up to Picture Friday (Janeway lesions)

This is the 65 y/o man with FUO and palmar and plantar lesions. He has now had about 4 weeks of ABTx. His serologies for Coxiella and RMSF (and other Rickettsia) have been negative. His TEE showed some abnormal signal at one of his pacer leads but no vegetations. He remains afebrile, his Janeway lesions and splinter hemorrhages are almost completely gone and his arthralgias resolved. A Bx of one of his lesions was read as embolic infectious vasculitis. We still don't have an organism but with his good clinical response I have called it "culture-negative endovascular infection" and he will have a total of 6 weeks of therapy because of the hardware (PM). Any other ideas?

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