Monday, November 28, 2005


This is a quick question. How often do you add inhaled steroids in the care of your COPD patients? I am more curious about people's anecdotal and personal opinions rather than data (FEV1< 30%, response to PO steroid trial, etc.).

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Mike L said...

I think there are two types of patients with COPD that I use ICS:
1. The person who has exacerbations (1 in the hospital in the last year or 2 at home with steroids in the last year)
2. Anyone with significant exercise intolerance.

Rehab usually helps fix #2, but I still think ICS offer some benefits.

I am anxious to hear other opinions on this really good question...

Mike L said...

Perhaps another reason to use ICS... lower cardiovascular risk. Just an abstract, but interesting nonetheless.

Löfdahl CG, Postma D, Pride N, et al. Does inhaled budesonide protect against cardio-ischemic events in mild-moderate COPD a post-hoc evaluation of the EUROSCOP study. European Respiratory Journal, 2005;29 (Supplement 49): Abstract 2333.