Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Answer to Mike's Pulmonary nodules

Meanwhile, Mike L has posted the f/up and diagnosis on his pulmonary nodules case.
Check it out and leave your comments.

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Mike L said...

To answer some questions that are still lingering.
Yes, oncology originally wanted a bronchoscopy to see if there was an endobronchial lesion. I questioned this and was told that it was "standard of care."
When discussing with a more senior oncologist, they backed off and were happy with just a laryngoscopy and an EGD.
To answer Carlos' question, I am not sure if they will give him chemo. I actually asked the oncologist this as well before doing the endoscopies (i.e. if you are not going to treat, why do the examinations). They told me that they would discuss treatment options after he left the hospital. He actually developed a SBO requiring lysis of adhesions (unrelated to his pulm nodules).