Monday, October 10, 2005

Quick question on stage IAs

One of my patients today was asking about adjuvant therapy: he is only 47, quit TOB in 2001 and we recently diagnosed him with a squam cell Ca of the LUL. He has normal lung Fxn and underwent a clean, uneventful LULobectomy with a 1-cm tumor, clear margins and no involved nodes. He is understanbly scared and was seen by one of our oncologists who pointed out that there is no data to support adjuvant therapy in his case. Do you know of any trials looking at adjuvant therapy for IAs?

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Arenberg said...

The only trial I know of here isone emplying Selenium for secondary prevention. He would be eligible. You could search the NCI web site for a local center that is enrolling patients in this trial, or other trials for IA that I may not be aware of.

Mike L said...

Isn't the selenium trial for stage IB disease?
I went on the listed website, but I could not find it.
If this is true, I think it would be poor form (? malpractice) if we did not offer our stage IB patients chemotherapy based upon the recent NEJM paper.

Arenberg said...

Selenium trial- in its original conception- included stage IA and IB patients. Since the release of the JBR10 trial data, they have stopped offering enrollment to patients iwhth IB.