Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Abnormal CxR

This is a healthy 37 y/o woman who presented to the ER with a cough and had the following chest radiograph:

What is the abnormality? And what is your differential Dx?

Read the comments then see here for a follow-up.

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Jennings said...

I'm not going to comment till you comment on mine. so there.

HC said...

There is definitely an abnormality in the right heart border. It seems like belongs to the pericardial sac, so a pericardial cyst is entertained. Enlargement of the atria is also a possibility; however, is not the classic finding.

Anonymous said...

Basal right lung alveolar opacity, no silhouette sign (= right lower lobe, medial basal segment), probably pulmonary sequestrum.