Friday, August 12, 2005


Does anyone know the citation of a study showing an actual survival benefit to using BiPAP ventilation in a patient with a COPD exacerbation vs. conventional mechanical ventilation?
All of the studies listed in Bart Celli's consensus states show trends to survival benefit.

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Baleeiro said...

The French have been publishing some on that for a while, try Brochard et al in the NEJM 1995 Volume 333:817-822 Number 13
He also does a quick review of the literature in Thorax 2000;55:817-818
Plant (Lancet 2000;355:1931-1935) also has some positive data supporting NIPPV in AECB and there have been some recent meta-analyses on the subject but these are some RCTs.

Baleeiro said...

The Brochard paper shows an actual reduction in in-hospital mortality.