Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More data on "Abnormal CxR"

Good pick-up on that right sided density. Sorry, I didn't have the lateral view on the computer system so I couldn't post it.
She had a CT of her chest done:

What is your differential now?

Answer in the comment section below.

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Mendez said...

It's well circuscribed, homogeneous, and not arising from the parenchyma given the angle the paravertebral mass forms with the chest wall. I would consider fibrous tumor, neurogenic tumor in the differential. Less likely pulmonary sequestration (no vessel in these cuts and not the usual location).

Baleeiro said...

This is a very classic posterior mediastinum tumor (as opposed to the 4 T's in the anterior mediastinum) and Mendez has outlined the DDx for us.
She had an unremarkable bronch and a CT-guided needle Bx confirmed the diagnosis of a Schwannoma. She underwent resection in a combined CT surgery/neurosurgery procedure and has done very well.

Jennings said...
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Jennings said...

Oh. It threw me off because without contrast i thought that was the descending aorta. Also, it didn't help that the image was upside down. I knew it couldnt be aorta since there was a needle going in (I see the descending just above that). That sure is pretty inferior to still be considered mediastinal because we're already getting to diaphragms.